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10 Green Home Cleaning Tips

Hayward Healthy Homes prides on being green in all they do. No matter how good you are at cleaning, there is somehow still enough work to keep you busy for every hour in the day; to stay on top of it, a little tidying is mandatory every day, along with the big seasonal cleanings. There […]

Saving Water is a Team Effort

Certain areas of the US are no strangers to droughts. States like Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and parts of California can be hit particularly hard during the summer months. While a single family’s intake doesn’t make or break the system, the water usage of thousands of individuals adds up quickly. Conserving water requires everyone to work […]

Decorating with Green Sensibilities

There are numerous things to cover when adapting to a greener lifestyle. In addition to the obvious things, such as optimum energy efficiency, water conservation and heat retention, there are elements to a green home they may not readily come to mind. One such element is often the matter of decorating. Decorating is usually the […]