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Highlights of’s Article on Bill Hayward’s recent article, Advocating For Fresh Air In Homes, highlights Bill Hayward’s passion for creating a healthy breathing environment in our homes.  Written by Jennifer Castenson, the article delves into how Bill Hayward has been in the industry for many years and why he knows fresh air in our homes should be a priority. In […]

AIA Redwood City Balanced Ventilation Event

On June 20, Hayward hosted the American Architects’ Institute (AIA) of San Mateo County and members of the Passive House community for presentations from Dr. Kara Rosemeier and Bill Hayward on “Balanced Ventilation in Passive Houses.” The event, which took place Hayward’s Redwood City facility focused not only on the critical roles air tightness and […]

Hayward Healthy Home Featured in the Monterey County Weekly

Hayward Healthy Home was recently featured in the Monterey County Weekly, in order to inform more people about the dangers of an unhealthy home.  This magazine article continues to get the word out about Bill Hayward’s personal experience with a mold infested home and how he responded to protect his family’s health and his own.  […]

Avoiding Endocrine Disruptors in your Home

Many people are aware of the benefits of keeping what they eat and drink free of chemicals, including pesticides, mercury, and BPA. In addition to eating organic and drinking filtered water, to optimize your health, you should also take care to eliminate dangerous chemicals from your home – especially those known as endocrine disruptors. The […]

Décor ideas that are green and healthy!

Many people know the value of making “green” choices, like reducing their carbon footprint. But you need to make sure that your “green” choices don’t inadvertently compromise the health of your home. Check out our tips below for making your green choices, healthy ones too! Go Green, Literally Natural decorations, particularly houseplants, can add a […]

Minimizing Health Risks from Paint

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to freshen up your space is to paint the walls. Unfortunately, many traditional paints off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) while they are being applied and for years after. So while your walls will look fresh, the air you are breathing might contain toxins. Painting the interior of […]

The Truth About Scented Candles

For many people, home decor wouldn’t be complete without scented candles. From pumpkin spice and orange vanilla to tuberose and honeysuckle, scents fill our homes year round from candles, room sprays, plug-ins, incense sticks, and other formulations. We believe that they make our homes fresher. However while they might add a pleasant scent to your […]

The Great Dust-up!

Few activities add as much dust to a home as construction. Even minor remodeling projects kick up an amazing amount of dust – from chunks of sawdust to the fine particulates released when cutting sheetrock or tile. Dust prevention and removal is critically important to help prevent disease – and there are steps builders (and […]

Resolve to Make Your Home Healthier in 2016

January is the time when many people make resolutions to get healthier. In addition to cutting down on sugar and upping time at the gym, you can improve your health by making some simple changes in your home. Try these 3 healthy home resolutions and feel your best in 2016! 1. Kick your air-freshener habit. […]

How to Make your Building Healthy

In part one we examined the causes of sick building syndrome including: Carbon monoxide leaking into the building through fresh air intake vents from attached or underground parking garages or loading docks Smokers near an outdoor air intake vent or open doors Ozone emitted from printers, fax machines, and copiers Chemical cleaning products sprayed on […]