Hayward Healthy Home Featured in the Monterey County Weekly

Hayward Healthy Home Featured in the Monterey Weekly

Hayward Healthy Home was recently featured in the Monterey County Weekly, in order to inform more people about the dangers of an unhealthy home.  This magazine article continues to get the word out about Bill Hayward’s personal experience with a mold infested home and how he responded to protect his family’s health and his own.  Bill Hayward founded Hayward Healthy Home to educate people on what to look for in their personal homes that may be promoting poor health.  His premise, which drives Hayward Healthy Home, is that home should promote good health rather than create poor health in their occupants.

Sinus congestion, coughing, mood swings, headaches and fatigue are all common health concerns that may actually be caused by the poor air quality inside of a home!  The article brought out how Hayward Healthy Home is dedicated to improving the quality of indoor air by using eco-friendly building techniques and products to implement its four principles for a healthy home.  For example, Zehnder fresh air machines deliver continuous fresh air inside of a home, which can drastically improve the air quality, and therefore the health of your home.

Hayward Healthy Home is now launching Ahhm, a radiant heating and cooling system built into the ceiling panels of a home.  This device heats more quickly and offers more control over important comfort factors such as moisture, air circulation, and humidity than either traditional forced air heating or floor based radiant heating.  It also cools a home, in addition to heating it.  Along with the already popular Zehnder fresh air machine, Ahhm will be another great option for individuals who want the ultimate in indoor comfort and who recognize the importance of indoor air quality.

The article also discussed another innovative advancement in building envelope technology, which Hayward Healthy Home is developing in partnership with View Dynamic Glass.  Hayward Healthy Home will pioneer the distribution of this new “smart windows” technology into single family homes.  These windows will permit home owners to easily control glare and the amount of sunlight entering their house with just the touch of a button on a phone or tablet.  Dynamic Glass technology has already been proven in commercial buildings, and it has several advantages over typical windows including reducing sun glare and heat during peak sunlight hours and significantly reducing annual energy costs.  Proper sealing and insulation is a second principle for a Hayward Healthy Home.

Hayward Healthy Home builds on Hayward’s long standing commitment to promoting “green” products that are better for the environment.  Hayward Healthy Home wants to promote building houses where both human health and comfort and environmental consciousness is a priority.  This is consistent with the third principle of building a healthy home: minimizing toxic materials.  We highly recommend reading the recent article released about our company to learn more about how you can personally benefit.  The article contains health risk statistics and other vital information for making your home a safe haven.