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The Evaluated Products List is a vital tool created by Hayward Healthy Home as our gift to home owners, tenants, property managers, contractors, designers, and architects - anyone involved with or living in the indoor environment of homes.

This list of products is not comprehensive. It is strictly limited to those evaluated during the design and construction of the first Hayward Healthy Home. Development of this list represents more than 2000 man-hours of research by the Hayward Healthy Home staff and we are sharing the list with anyone who wants it, in order to enable others to build healthy homes more effectively.

This list evaluates products from the perspective of the people who live in a home and is designed to consider the potential impact of various building techniques and chemicals in building materials on people who have a wide range of chemical sensitivities and tolerances. All of the products were tested based on their condition and composition after they were installed.

The products in the list include all products evaluated, including those not permitted or not installed in the model home. The selection process was limited to the manufacturer provided information on their Web site, especially the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

The products are organized in the chart according to the Four Principles of a Hayward Healthy Home. Those evaluated are sorted in conjunction with:

  1. Continuous Fresh Air
  2. Properly Sealed and Insulated
  3. Non-Toxic Materials
  4. Cleanable Surfaces
  5. Wood and Metal Products

At the end of the table of evaluated materials is the Red List of products, developed by Living Building Challenge. As the text explains, these are the known worst materials ingredients that must be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

The product evaluations do not address potential health issues that may be involved in the manufacturing of the products or the installation of the products. The list assumes that the products were manufactured and installed correctly and that those involved in manufacturing and installation were properly briefed on any health related risks. It also assumes that those involved in the manufacture and/or installation of the products followed the prescribed procedures to protect their own health and to install the products properly.

There are several additional points to understand and consider when using this list.

Therefore, the Evaluated Products List is a guide for the purpose of assisting individuals to better make informed choices.