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Disclaimer: Hayward makes no representations, express or implied, regarding the potential health or property damage hazards occasioned by the use of some or all of the products referenced in the Hayward Healthy Home product list. The proclivity of each individual to react to one or a combination of chemicals cannot be predicted by Hayward, and Hayward neither manufactures nor has an ownership interest in or managerial authority over any of the products listed. As such, Hayward is incapable of warranting and/or representing that any or all of the products will perform as advertised by the respective manufacturers nor has testing been performed by Hayward to determine potential adverse impacts caused by combining certain products into a system. If you are chemically intolerant, have allergies or any other health concerns, please consult a health care professional before coming into contact with any unknown products and materials that are chemically treated. Hayward has selected the products on the list based upon its experience and research of the data then readily available and provided to Hayward. The list is expected to be amended and supplemented as additional products and knowledge are obtained.