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Understanding the Symptoms

Do you often go into your office feeling great and ready to start the day, only to feel unwell as the day progresses? Do you sometimes feel foggy and unproductive at work, but fine once you get out of the building?  You might be experiencing “sick building syndrome.” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines sick […]

More Dangerous Chemicals Are Being Removed from Flooring

Several retailers and manufacturers of flooring products have recently announced their intention to remove one of the families of chemicals commonly found in many flooring products, especially vinyl flooring. The chemicals are commonly referred to as plasticizers and are technically known as phthalates. Research continues to strengthen the connection between exposure to phthalates and cancer, […]

10 Green Home Cleaning Tips

Hayward Healthy Homes prides on being green in all they do. No matter how good you are at cleaning, there is somehow still enough work to keep you busy for every hour in the day; to stay on top of it, a little tidying is mandatory every day, along with the big seasonal cleanings. There […]

Minimize Toxic Product Use in the Home

One of the four principles of a Hayward Healthy Home is to use less toxic materials, particularly in new construction or when remodeling existing homes. Choosing less toxic products is important to many people. Some want to minimize exposure due to an existing health issue or chemical sensitivity. Some want to support their family’s good […]

Hayward Always Wants the Best for Our Customers

The Hayward Healthy Home Evaluated Products List (EPL) is designed to be a tool for builders, architects, and homeowners to use in selecting products to make a family’s home a healthy home. In a home, every product matters. From the visible, like paint and flooring, to the invisible, like drywall sealant and fiberglass insulation, each […]

Ultimate Guide to Home Energy Audits

It’s time for an upgrade! More and more people are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint and are dreaming up ways on how to reduce it. A large energy consumer can be found in the home, or from the home I should say. People are now considering auditing their home; Stephanie Watson gives advice on […]

A Healthy Home Means Having Continuous Fresh Air

Having clean air in your home is a concern no matter where you live; since I have lived in both dry Arizona and damp California, I have experienced the polar opposite problems of not having good circulation in very different zones. In Cali there is moisture in the air no matter what, which you remember […]

Saving Water is a Team Effort

Certain areas of the US are no strangers to droughts. States like Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and parts of California can be hit particularly hard during the summer months. While a single family’s intake doesn’t make or break the system, the water usage of thousands of individuals adds up quickly. Conserving water requires everyone to work […]